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Vehicle / Building Wraps

Vehicle wraps are a kind of wrap designed in such a way that it attracts more and more customers. The reason is that it combines both the elements of marketing and branding by making it more appealing to customers. These are considered an effective marketing solution at affordable costs for all types of businesses. 

These are available in unique digitally printed vinyl wraps that cover the whole body of the vehicle. It converts your average looking vehicle into a head turning advertising piece. It is also customized as per the preference of the advertiser and can display the desired text and graphics related to the product of the company. 

Many businesses are using the Sign Imaging - vehicle wrap services or the one in their area for promoting their products at reasonable costs. Here at Sign Imaging we only use the top of the line materials. We only wrap our vehicles with 3M Controltac. It is the best material on the market.


Hereunder are some of the benefits that an advertiser can gain by using vehicle wraps for promoting the business and image of a company.

  • Image Building: Vehicle wraps are an easy way of building an image among potential customers. They strengthen their identity by increasing their visibility through attractive vehicles.

  • Exclusivity: The advertised message doesn't have to share the same place with the other advertised messages and therefore leaves more impact in the minds of the viewers. It gives an exclusive space for every message by making it more effective.

  • Target audience: It reduces the gap between the audience and the advertiser. It increases the audience awareness level resulting in a buying decision. The visuals printed over the wraps are so effective that they leave their own impression in the minds of the viewers.

  • Cost effective: It is considered as a cost effective method as it pays back more then it requires to get a wrap on the vehicle. The advertiser also requires fewer budgets for such kind of advertising.

  • Impact: Research shows that people remember more details placed on the vehicles than in other forms of advertising mediums. It has a very powerful impact that is left on the minds of the customers.

  • Customized Graphics: The advertiser can have customized graphics for their commercial messages and can change the graphics without spending too much money. It can be customized as per the targeted audience, which will help in relating with them more easily and effectively.

  • No Paint Peeling: It also protects the paint of the vehicle. There is no peeling of the paint while removing it from the car. The wrap is all over the vehicle so it also protects the vehicle's finish.Keep in mind that if you wrap a vehicle with a weak paint job it can peel the paint off. Usually only on aftermarket paint jobs.


If you have any question regarding vehicle wraps or any other signs please feel free to give us a call or email us and will be glad to assist you.

Custom design to fit you branding.

• High Impact advertising

• 3M Controltac 

• Any vehicle any structure any design

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