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Post and Panel Signs

Post and Panel signs are perhaps the most cost effective and widely used signs in the commercial market. They are simple, durable, come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and can be easily installed. Post & panel signs are generally not internally illuminated but can be illuminated from the ground or from other sources of light. Extruded aluminum components give the signs many design options and make a wide variety of post configurations possible. Most post and panel signs carry vinyl lettering. However, three-dimensional lettering can also be used if more character and elegance is desired in the appearance.

Sign Imaging provides post / panel signs, parking signs, way finder signs, and traffic signs that can’t be matched in durability and quality. Using the best materials available in the signage industry, we assure that the post and panel signs you order from us will be as strong as they can possibly be, promising many years of active use against weather extremes and possible damage. Our top quality post and panel signs are designed and manufactured by experts in the business, bringing their value even higher. 

Sign Imaging offers various standard post and panel, including:

  • ADA and accessible signs

  • Reserved parking signs

  • Traffic signs

  • No parking signs

  • Directional

  • Wayfinding signs

  • Construction site signs

  • More


Contact Sign Imaging today to discuss your various options for durable and affordable parking signs.

Custom built to fit your needs.

• High Durability

• Wide variety of materials to choose from

• Any size any shape any design

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